Monday, May 2, 2011

London Olympics 2012 vs the Illuminati Card Game of the 80s

5 men wearing shirts that has the same coulors as the olympic rings.
Big Ben in this card is blown up.

So what does this tell us? Could this be a hidden message from Steven Jackson (the creater of the Illuminati card game) that something will happen at the Olympic games in London 2012.

BTW, do these pictures remind you of something?


  1. maybe they are bluffing this time? i dont know if they are, who knows, but if they make us look at the others and think OMG they planned it, maybe they expect us to think something will happen then to focus our attention to it while they do something else

  2. Who wrote the game card? was he a part of illuminati or illuminati (government) is following his card.

  3. If the illuminati are real do you think they would be the type to make a card game about themselves? No i'd bet a weeks pay that these cards were just simply a game based on the theory.

    Futhermore, when were they made? and is there someone that can produce a set of these cards That dont look like they could have just been photoshopped or just completely fabricated. I need carbon dating proof that the towers card was printed before 9/

    Funny thing about conspiracy theories, is that the theories usually lack as much proof as the alleged conspiracies. question everything.

    1. TheoryKiller,
      You just lost a week's pay. Where can I come to pick it up?

    2. This simple example, is what beats your theory into oblivion: